​​​​​​Tim Twellman Family

Tim and Moochie Twellman 
Tim, a St. Louis native, has lived in Chesterfield, Missouri with his wife, Moochie, for over twenty years.  Tim attended St. Louis University High School and  SIUE for college, as a two-sport athlete. Upon graduation, he played professional soccer for over ten years. All three of their kids, Taylor, James and Alexandra went on to play at Division 1 college programs. Taylor went to University of Maryland as a two-sport athlete, James went to Stanford on a soccer scholarship and his daughter Alexandra went to St. Louis University on a soccer scholarship. 

As a parent, Tim has been in your shoes. He knows exactly what you going through and what you need to do to help your child reach their dream of playing this sport at their next level and possibly even at the collegiate level. He understands the sacrifices you are making financially as a family and the sacrifices you are making with your families time.  He knows how important it is to be able offer these opportunities to your child so they can develope and reach their potential.

Tim has been working with organizations and families since his playing days.

Tim is the Founder of Choose It Right.  Tim is also the founder of Twellman Soccer.  

Moochie is the creator of  It's All Up To Me.

 Taylor Twellman 
(Read More) (See Video) Taylor works with us as a consultant regarding our student-athlete program for Twellman Soccer and Choose It Right. He is the founder of www.ThinkTaylor.org and currently is an ESPN soccer color analyst.

 James Twellman        
 James, also a St. Louis native, has lived in Chicago, IL for the past seven years. Having followed his dad to St. Louis University High  School, James attended college at Stanford University. He played for the men’s soccer team and was an Academic All-American.  Upon graduation, James played professional soccer for the San Jose Earthquakes for two years before retiring due to injury in 2005.  James has spent the last seven years working in the private equity industry for the Thurston Group in Chicago, IL. During his time with the Thurston  Group, James gained valuable experience in building and creating value for various businesses; his primary focus was in the healthcare industry. As a senior business associate, James specialized in identifying, valuing and executing upon different healthcare service acquisitions, particularly for Thurston’s key portfolio company, HealthPort. Since his time with Thurston, James has joined a company  (IPC) also in the healthcare industry. James designed our core service offering,
Smart College Report

Alexandra Twellman Morris
 Alexandra, also a St. Louis native, is the youngest of the three Twellman children.  She graduated from Villa Duchesne High School in  2003, where she played both soccer and field hockey for four years.  She continued her soccer career for four more years, playing  Division 1 soccer and graduating in 2007 from Saint Louis University.  At Saint Louis University, Alex served as a Captain during her senior year and graduated with honors, following four consecutive years on Dean’s list.  Alex was also inducted into the 2005 Saint  Louis University Billiken’s Hall of Fame. Following her graduation, Alex moved to New York and worked 6 years in the fragrance industry at the world’s largest privately-owned fragrance and flavor development company, Firmenich. 

She currently lives in St. Louis with her husband Wes, their son Timothy Henry and James, and their dog Oscar. 
 Alex is responsible for all administrative services for Choose It Right and Twellman Soccer.