NEW TIME 5:30-6:30 

NEW TIME 5:30-6:30 

At School of Soccer, it’s not just about just playing soccer.

Students in the School of Soccer program are learning how to play by improving their skills as
individuals. By focusing individually, students will enjoy a

more supportive environment in which to learn.

We make it fun to practice, which allows kids to become more focused on their development.

Accelerate players learning through our individual & small group-training program. The purpose of this very specialized training program is to enable players to receive individual instruction in specific areas of the game, which would be difficult to teach in a large team environment. Trainings are designed for all players regardless of skill level.

Our specialized training promotes self-confidence, individual skill development and becoming a master of the ball.

Twellman Soccer School of Soccer players will be introduced and trained under the official curriculum of Twellman Soccer.

Our experienced staff coaches and trainers will guide every player to the next level.

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